Welcome to Beads and Honey!

Hi, I’m Lynnette, and I started Beads and Honey, the blog, for creative inspiration and as a place to help artists and designers learn more about beads and gems, and how to make great jewelry.  I’m also the owner of Beads and Honey, my little treasure chest featuring a hand selected collection of high quality beads and gemstones.  You’ll find honest and informative customer service perfect for indie artists & jewelry designers.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been intrigued with small beautiful and shiny objects. Beads and gems come in such an amazing variety of colors and patterns.  They are an incredible testament to God’s infinite creativity.   But, as I learned to make jewelry and developed my skills, I wanted to learn more about the beads and gems I was using in my designs.  I was asking, so, what kind of pearl is that? Or, does it matter what kind of metal I use in this bracelet?  Or, that blue stone stone is so pretty, what is it?

I enjoy the process of selecting beads, letting them run through my fingers, learning about how they are made and how to use them in various ways in endless creations and designs. This blog is part of my pursuit to learn more.  Let’s learn together. If you have a question or would like to see a topic posted, just send an email to me at Lynnette@beadsandhoney.com.