Behind the Scenes: Ebony Wood Beads

Raw Ebony Wood

Raw Ebony Wood (Philippines)

How often are you able to see the raw materials behind the beads?! This particular log, selected because of its dark interior, was actually used to produce some of our ebony heart shaped beads that have darker banding patterns.

Ebony Wood Heart Shaped Beads from the Log Shown
Ebony Wood Heart Shaped Beads Cut from the Raw Ebony Log Shown Above

It takes a gifted artist to look into the heart of the wood and see what it can become.

For ebony, it also takes patience and craftsmanship to physically work the wood because it is so dense. The term ebony does not refer to one species, but can be applied to one or more varieties of hardwoods known for their high density and dark color.

Our beads are cut from ebony woods native to the Philippines. The color can vary from pure black, which is more rare, to lighter colored striped varieties commonly described as tiger ebony.

The natural wood oils and tight grain of ebony woods allow it to take a very nice polish. It’s the beautiful finish and durability that make it so popular!

Wanna see more? Several new styles of ebony wood beads have been added to the shop. Some very dark, others caramel brown and black. You’ll find traditional rounds, and unique geometric shapes.

Ebony Wood Beads at Beads & Honey
New Styles of Ebony Wood Beads

If you’ve been thinking about trying wood beads,  ebony might be a good place to start.  Ebony beads will bring the natural beauty and warmth of wood, but they are durable enough to be paired with a variety of materials and work well for jewelry.

What will you make next?

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  1. Hi Lynnette, A fascinating explanation on the process of transforming raw material to beautiful beads!. It’s nice to see the actual wood and end results. Magnificient wood! Nature sure has lot’s of goodies to offer! Thank you! 🙂

    • Thanks Mario! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. It’s truly amazing to me too! I hope to bring more stories to show you this type of behind the scenes look…!

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