What’s Your Signature Gemstone?

New Botswana Agate Beads
A Fresh Crop of Botswana Agate

I love Botswana Agate!

I’m really excited because a new crop of Botswana agate is now in stock!

Botswana agate is what a semiprecious gemstone bead should be all about. The colors are earthy, from rich dark grays to coffee browns. It’s a reminder that before these beads are all polished up, they are part of the earth, sitting underground, just waiting to be found!

And, oh, the thing that makes them so sweet (that’s the honey part) are the unexpected pops of color, from orange, to mauve to pink, and the dramatic white bands! The banding adds a classy elegance to the stone.

Botswana agate typically takes a very nice polish. And, there’s nothing else like it.

Quick Facts:

  • Botswana agate comes from the country of Botswana in Africa.
  • Modern stones often have a deep gray to coffee brown backdrop. Other coloring can range from orange, to mauve, to pink, white. Some varieties can have more yellow and gray coloring, while pink Botswana agate is pink, gray, and white.
  • Characteristic banding occurs in fine, parallel lines.
  • Darker or more richly colored stones with sharp banding are more desirable, but high quality material is becoming harder to find. It’s possible that this stone is almost mined out, making it that much more special.

Your turn

What’s your signature stone? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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