Introducing New Shell Beads!

New Makabibi Shell Beads with Abalone Shell Inlay
New Makabibi Shell Beads with Abalone Shell Inlay

It’s time for a shop update!

This week I’ve added lots of new shell beads, including a very special set of focal beads. Above is a picture of our new handcrafted makabibi shell beads with abalone shell inlay. These are super smooth with a shimmery iridescent finish. This is a style that packs a lot of design punch! If you are new to shell beads, consider giving them a try.

Here’s a little primer of some of the new items.

Makabibi Shell

Makabibi Shell BeadsMakabibi shell has a remarkably smooth finish making it wonderful for beads. It’s color can vary from white or ivory to light tan and has a beautiful pearlescent finish. In addition to the makabibi shell beads with abalone shell inlay, are half-and-half oval shaped beads where makabibi shell is paired with either brown lip oyster shell or black resin, and also makabibi shell coin shaped beads.

Abalone Shell

Whole Abalone Shell

Abalone shell is a mollusk shell, and one of the most colorful of the natural shells. Our beads are cut from paua shells which is a variety of abalone. You’ll find a mix of iridescent blue, green, and purple, often with gold or pink highlights. New to the shop are abalone shell coin and heart shaped beads. And, as a special treat, whole abalone shell, polished to an amazing finish.

Troca Shell

Troca Shell beads

Troca shell is a top shell from sea snails. Silver troca shell has a mix of white opaque and pearlescent areas which give it a very distinct appearance. It is considered a high grade shell material for its beautiful pearlescent coloring and super smooth finish. The round beads are a nice alternative to pearls. And, new to the shop are hawaiian chip styles, and handcarved small fetish beads or charms such as, heart, flower, angelfish, and butterflies.

Limpet Shell

Limpet Shell Beads

This is the first time we’ve carried limpet shell beads. The shells in our beads come from a variety of sea snails with dark brown patterning mixed with silver iridescent areas. Two large limpet shells are joined together to create a double sided bead. The large size and bold colors make this a perfect focal or statement bead.

Silver Mouth Shell

Silver Mouth Shell Beads

Silver mouth shell is new to the shop. This shell has a fine pearly white surface with natural parallel grooves. Our little heart beads are handcrafted using two shells which are joined together. And, the puffed or open heart shape is really cute!

Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl Beads

Mother of pearl is the inner layer (nacre) of mollusk shells. It is iridescent and is also the organic material that forms the outer layer of natural pearls. It can vary in color. Natural mother of pearl beads are often golden brown or off white. White mother of pearl on the market is commonly bleached. New to the shop are handcarved mother of pearl beads shaped like the slim milkfish.

That’s all for now! What’s your experience with shell beads?

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