Jewelry Design Ideas for Mactan Fossil Stone Beads

Double Strand Necklace with Mactan Stone Beads and Dumortierite
Double Strand Necklace with Mactan Stone Beads and Dumortierite

Did you see it?!

Our Mactan stone beads are featured in one of this month’s projects on the Bead Style Magazine website!

What is Mactan Stone?

Mactan stone is a natural fossil stone found along the beaches of Mactan Island, in the Philippines. It is similar to limestone, and has long been used to craft furniture, such as showpiece coffee tables, and tiles in buildings with grand architecture. Our Mactan stone beads are the first of their kind, and designed exclusively for Beads and Honey!

Mactan Stone Teadrop Beads

Mactan stone typically is tan to light rose in color, with a smooth finish. It has a nice weight very much like that of a gemstone. Within each bead, you’ll find impressions of tiny sea shells or fossils that add pattern, with no two beads alike! Our Mactan stone beads are hand cut by skilled artisans, and each bead has been hand set with an abalone shell inlay, one on either side of the bead. The colorful flash of the abalone shell compliments the neutral Mactan stone beautifully!

Design Ideas

Mactan stone is most easily cut into flat shapes, so most of our beads are large and flat and will work well as focal beads. In the above design, setting the beads off-center accomplishes this nicely. The beads are paired with dark purple dumortierite to bring out the purple tones in the abalone shell. Dark blue or green gemstones would work equally as well. And, the use of one of the beads as a dangle near the clasp – well, as my mother-in-law would say, “it says something comin’, and goin’!”

If you’ve been wondering how to use these beautiful mosaic fossil stone beads, look no further. Try using one as a pendant or get creative with earrings or a bracelet. Mactan stone beads are perfect for one-of-a-kind designs. For instructions on how to create the necklace shown, please visit the Bead Style magazine website.

What will you create with your Mactan stone beads?

Share your ideas below!

Copyright 2013 Beads and Honey, LLC. Text and bead image with all rights reserved. Photo credit: Design by Kelsey Lawler, published at (July 19, 2013). All rights reserved by the artist and publication.

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