How to Care for Aquamarine Beads and Jewelry

Aquamarine Gemstone Beads
Aquamarine Gemstone Beads

Aquamarine is a wonderful stone. The cool, sea blue color is irresistible! And, with just a little attention, you can protect that blue color and your aquamarine will stay beautiful for years to come!

  • Follow the Golden Rule – Make your jewelry the last item you put on when getting dressed, and the first item you take off at in the evening. This keeps perfumes and hairspray from getting on the beads unnecessarily. In the long run, this will mean less cleaning for you!
  • Wash aquamarine beads in warm, soapy water. A soft brush, like an old toothbrush may be used for stubborn areas. Rise well and dry with paper towels. Avoid harsh chemicals like ammonia, and ultrasonic cleaning generally is not recommended.
  • Store your beads in a cool, dark, place. Aquamarine can fade with exposure to¬†sunlight. This effect likely depends onGraduated Aquamarine Beadsthe exact chemical nature of your particular beads, but it’s better to be proactive about this. Heat treatment is a common and acceptable treatment that makes green aquamarine more blue, but we know that if overdone, it can make a stone colorless. Oh no!
  • Wrap your beads in a soft, all cotton, cloth if they will be stored with other gemstones. This will protect them from scratches.

What tips do to have for storing your beaded jewelry?

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