3 Lessons Learned from the New Website

The New Website is Here!

A Labor of Love…

Welcome! I’m so glad that you’ve found us at our new website at beadsandhoney.com!

Welcome to Beads and Honey!
Welcome to Beads and Honey!

After over a year of design, off and on, the new website is finally live! Well, my husband had something to do with that. He walked past my bead room, ice cream bar in hand, and said, lovingly, “So when are you gonna get that website up? He’s super supportive…!

If you are selling your jewelry maybe you’ve thought about designing your own site. Creating a new website turned out to be a lot of work, but it was well worth it. It has also reinforced a few lessons, you know, the ones your parents try to teach you at an early age, but become harder to keep as you get older.

1. Be Patient

I have gained new respect for website designers. Website design is tedious work. All of the hosted platforms that provide a user interface that is easy to navigate sure make the job easier. But, as you go along, you may find there are things you want to tweak, that may require special coding or manipulation beyond your current skill set.

When starting this project, I knew a little html, you know, enough to be dangerous. But, I quickly found that I needed to pick up some new skills, such as how to design my own graphic pages, like the home page. Thinking about the fact that I didn’t know what I was doing just paralyzed me. But, stepping back and taking the time to learn a new skill actually helped things to move along.

That was phase 1, and it brings me to my second point…

2. Ask for Help

During phase 1, I learned that I’m not an expert at web design. During phase 2, I learned to ask for help. This website is hosted by 3dCart, and they have awesome tech support. But, during phase 1, I did not take advantage of it. When I stepped back and realized that I was stuck, I learned to call, live chat, or email the great guys and gals who know their way around this platform. This saved me hours and days, maybe months!

Several of you have asked about the shop template or overall look of the site. I turned to Jennifer at This Chick Designs for help with that. I love the clean design. She was easy to work with, and quickly gave me a nice layout so I could turn my attention to the site content.

3. Have Faith

This brings me back to the role my husband played in getting this site up. You can tweak your site all day long, but at some point you just have to take the leap. It may not be a perfect dive, but if you know you’re going to at least make it into the pool, then jump. He helped me to get out of the rut of trying to make every single, itty-bitty, thing perfect. So, that brings us to the present.

The site is live and we’re thrilled! I hope you’ll find it comfortable and easy to navigate. If you run into any problems or have any suggestions, please drop me note. While I’m waiting to hear from you, it’s time to add more beads…!

What are you learning from your creative process?

Copyright 2013 Beads and Honey, LLC – All text and images.

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