Introducing New Mactan Stone Beads!

What's in the Box?

Last week I asked if you could guess what was in this box. I received some good guesses, and am finally ready for the big reveal!

[Drumroll please…]

I’m thrilled to introduce new handcrafted, artisan Mactan stone beads inlaid with abalone shell! A Beads & Honey exclusive, you will not find these anywhere else.

The new Mactan stone beads are here!

What is Mactan Stone?

Mactan stone is beautiful stone that comes from Mactan Island in the Philippines. Commonly, Mactan stone is used to create sculpted furniture and fine polished tiles that are used to build walls, flooring and other architectural elements. The stone is similar to limestone in that you’ll find small fossils or impressions of tiny sea skeletons embedded in the stone. When carved into beads, this gives each bead a unique pattern. The stone is hard, but a delicate material, because of the inclusions. So, careful skill goes into creating each bead.

In general, Mactan stone is off-white. But, depending on the light, it can take on a more beige or even a rosy hue. It is a very nice neutral that can be worn year round.  And, here, the multi colored abalone (paua) shell  compliments the neutral field and accents the unique patterns in the stone. These are one of a kind!

I hope that you are as excited about these beads as I am!

What can I use these for?

Ten styles are available. Most of the beads are large flat style beads in geometric shapes. Try using them for:

  • focal beads and pendants
  • natural/organic jewelry (combine with bone, shell, hemp or other natural materials)
  • statement jewelry
  • one of a kind jewelry designs
  • embellish textiles
  • or, add them to a custom backsplash in your kitchen (that was my sister-in-law’s idea!)

The bottom line is, don’t be afraid to think outside the box with these. I’m sure you’ve thought of some uses I’ve missed, so share your comments below.

Are you looking for something new and unique? Feel free to check out all of the different styles.  These are spectacular and guaranteed to attract some attention! What will you use them for?


Copyright 2013 Beads and Honey, LLC – All text and images.  


  1. Exceptionally pretty! I really do appreciate reading the information behinds these beads. Thanks so much! Love fossils and the like… that would be an Awesome Backsplash! Great and creative Sister-In-Law you have there!

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