New Ebony Inlaid Shell Focal Beads

Ebony inlaid shell beads are back! I’ve added several focal beads in circle, oval, square and octagonal shapes. Choose from decorative inlays of colorful abalone shell or classic white mother of pearl.  There is one on each side of the bead adding an beautiful touch of elegance.  Very unique, each bead is a little work of art.

These beads are handcrafted in the Philippines, coming to you from a family that has 30 years of expertise in making wood beads. Each bead is cut, turned, and polished in their backyard shop. I’m privileged to be working with them, as they are artisans of integrity who take great pride in their craftsmanship. All of these beads are natural wood, without any additional stain, and will stay beautiful for years to come.

Need beads?

To see all of the beads shown here, visit

I hope you enjoy crafting with these as much as I enjoyed selecting them for you!



Your turn ~ What would you create with these little pieces of art?

 Copyright 2012 Beads and Honey – All text and images.  

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