image Dyed Agate Beads in Candy Colors

Dyed Jade Mixed Candy Colors

Just posted a series of dyed agate beads in bright candy colors. The pink ones remind me of cotton candy. I’m excited to share these because they have a particularly nice high gloss finish. They are all 10mm faceted rounds which are a very popular size for bracelets. The facets just add extra bling!  Larger rounds (12mm) are also available in a darker aqua blue.  Check the shop to see more.

UPDATE:  Just wanted to let you know that the manufacturer reclassified this material as dyed agate, instead of dyed jade as they were previously described. I always want to give you the most accurate information that I can, so I’ve updated the post to reflect that. The materials are similar in appearance, and unfortunately, it can be very difficult to identify one from the other.

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