Another Way to Promote Your Handmade Items

Are you looking for a new way to promote your shop or beaded items?

With changes happening to search on Etsy, and also more recently Facebook business fan pages, I’ve heard from sellers that you are looking for more ways to promote.

Today, I was introduced to a site called Big Etsy Contest. Every day lots of Etsy items are selected and grouped according to price and category. For example, in today’s contest, all of the items were handmade with hemp and priced between $1 and $50. Anyone can go in and look through the items and cast votes for their favorite ones. Each item also links back to your Etsy site.  And, you also have the option to offer a coupon code to those perusing the site.

Big Etsy Contest

So basically, the site acts as curator for collections on items on Etsy, and introduces them to people you may not otherwise reach. If you’re an Etsy seller this may be a nice way to help promote your items.  As far as I can tell, the winner just gets braggin’ rights. But, sometimes bragging rights can go a long way.


Your turn ~ What new ways have you found to promote your handmade items?

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