Moving the Bead Stash!

At the end of this month, the beads and I will be moving to a new, larger space! I’m excited about the move, but not so excited about packing and moving.  How exactly am I going to move a large pegboard full of hanging strands and several bags and boxes of beads that have yet to be posted?

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To make the move, the pegboard will definitely have to come down and all of the peghooks removed.  I’m thinking I’ll tie strands of beads will twist ties to help keep them organized and place them in plastic bins for moving.  But look out! Too many beads can easily get heavy, so small bins may work best.

While thinking about this issue, I ran across an article by Jean Campbell at Beading Daily with tips for what to do when trying to move the bead stash.

Here’s a summary of some of her tips:

  • Use this as an opportunity to de-stash the stash
  • Organize loose, scattered, or unusable beads
  • Think about how you are organizing your beads in general within your space.   Is it effective?

I would like to add that this may be a good opportunity to collect loose beads to use in a project where you can spend some time with a little one or perhaps donate to youth group, women’s group, or even a children’s hospital for crafts.

Have you ever had to move your stash? What tips do you have?

Questions? Contact me.

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